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Coloquio DCC: 2 de octubre

· Coloquio

El Dpto. de Ciencia de la Computación de la UC. tiene el agrado de invitarlo para este viernes 02 de Octubre al coloquio que se realizará on line.

La actividad se desarrollará entre las 11:30 y 13:00 horas y el enlace es https://zoom.us/j/96773685686

El título de la charla es "Channeling Natural Language Processing to Serve Vulnerable Communities", a cargo de la expositora Belén Saldías, PhD Candidate del Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This talk presents work involving novel contributions at the intersection of human-centered artificial intelligence (HCAI), machine learning (ML) for natural language processing (NLP), and ethics in artificial intelligence (AI). Inspiration will be drawn from previous and current research in these areas, which will be brought together to serve vulnerable communities. Specifically, I will share some of my past and current research work on using NLP for social good, and will use them to inspire two new projects, which will test how far we can advance in ethically serving children (e.g., by conditioning the way NLP models react when interacting with children) and other vulnerable communities (e.g., by empowering them to restrict models' behavior via natural language instructions) through AI systems. An essential goal of the work presented is to establish that systems aimed at serving vulnerable communities—through design and ML deployment—are at the core of designing and deploying better systems for society.